Experienced Consultants

Our team is highly experienced in providing first-class vendor management, marketing and client relations for solo and small firms.


What We Do Best

Our goal is to help manage your day to day operations in your practice with our extensive knowledge of the legal industry.
Increase your visibility on the web though
social media, blogs and newsletters.
Work with your current and/or future vendors to lower your cost and increase your productivity.
Improve your client services to retain
clients and get referrals.


Don't Take Our Word for It

We take our job very seriously and work hard to elevate your firm. The results speak for themselves.

“Marla is a dynamic, driven and dedicated sales and sales-management professional. She has an incredible work ethic, matched by her willingness to dig in and get whatever task lies before her completed to the best of her abilities. She also works to bring out the best in others through her sense of humor, team spirit, positive attitude and steadfast focus on quality of execution for the company’s clients. I admire her energy, her intelligence and her skill”

“Marla is a business savvy professional. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and extremely loyal. In all the time I worked with Marla I was continually impressed with her preparedness and ability to remain focused on the business objective. She is consummate professional that will always do well in business. I give Marla my highest recommendation.”

“Marla is one of the most customer-focused sales reps I have ever met. She will go to great lengths to make sure the customer is taken care of. Always positive and regularly reaches out to others to offer a hand. Marla has a clear understanding of the legal system so is therefore a reliable answer-source. She is honest and trustworthly.”

“Marla is very knowledgeable about the product she is representing and she is very dependable regarding any work or services that you hire her or her company for. I recommend her highly and the company that hires her will be very pleased with her experience and what she has to offer them.”

“Marla is one of the most customer centric people I have ever met. She is the epitome of going above and beyond. As a manager, she is results driven balancing the needs of the client with the demands of the company. Additionally, Marla was a great team player among a very strong management team that we had on the West Coast. I highly recommend Marla as she has proven to be a tremendous asset and valuable co-worker”