Welcome to Connect Mohr Legal Consultants

Welcome to Connect Mohr Legal Consultants

Welcome to my first blog. The first that I hope will be many.

I am excited to announce my new company, Connect Mohr Legal Consultants, launched in 2018. We are a consulting group catering to the solo and small law firms in Southern California. Our focus is to help you with your vendor management, including e-Discovery, marketing (the dreaded business development) and train your firm on client relations (i.e customer service). What does all of this mean? Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you and your staff have time and/or resources to:

  • keep up on your marketing, including social media? Are you using social media the right way?
  • look over each vendor bill to make sure you were billed correctly?
  • research any new product that could help your practice and/or your case?
  • meet with vendors and go over proposals and trials?
  • have the knowledge to handle client relations?
  • know what vendor would be a good fit for your firm and/or case?
  • Do you want to save money, time and increase revenue?


If you answered NO to any question then call us today for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. We will:

1. Sit down and evaluate your practice, staff, look over your vendor bills, marketing (business development) strategy and how your staff works with your clients. We will do a COMPLIMENTARY assessment of where we can improve your practice. If we feel we cannot help, we will let you know.

2. If we can help, then we will outline a strategy together. We will then decide if it would be cost efficient to work on an hourly, monthly or per project basis.

In addition, we have several Partner’s that we can recommend for your firm and/or case. Our partner’s, share the same vision as we do. Helping you to focus on what you do best, practice law.  We will do the rest.