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We work with you and your team
to find the best possible solution for your firm.


We will work with your current and future vendors to lower your cost and increase your productivity.

Are you really sure you are in compliance with e-Discovery?  Do you know how much you are paying for legal research? Is this the program that fits best for your practice of law? Have you looked at your deposition invoice to see how much you are really paying per page? How are you being charged for your other litigation services? How much does that software cost and is it really the right one for your practice? Is there a better and more cost efficient practice management software?

Connect Mohr Legal Consultants has years of experience working with all sectors of legal vendors. We will negotiate with the vendor to get you the best program and rate possible and follow up to see that you are being invoiced correctly. This includes:

  • Legal Research
  • Software Management
  • Deposition Companies
  • Litigation Support Companies including e-Discovery
  • Attorney Services
  • And more..

Searching for information on a product for your practice or firm? We will do the research, negotiate with the vendor and set up any trials for you. Connect Mohr Legal Consultants will handle the day to day operations for all of your vendor needs.

Have you looked at your web site lately? When was the last time you updated or even re-tooled your site? Do you have time to be on-line every day looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkein? And don’t forget to write your blog at least once a week and a monthly newsletter.

Connect Mohr Legal Consultants will work with you to increase your visibility on the web though social media, blogs and newsletters. We will also help you evaluate your web site and make changes if necessary.

How is your team at handling your clients? Are they friendly and sympathetic? Or short and fed up? How you and your team present yourselves in front of your clients is how they will see you.

Connect Mohr Legal Consultants will sit down with your team and determine what can be done to improve your client services to retain clients and get referrals.

Connect Mohr Legal Consultants has partnered with companies though out the United States that we have personally worked with for years.  Our partners share the same values and vision we do, to work with you to find the best possible solution for your case and/or firm while lowing costs and increasing productivity.  Together, we have you covered!

As a California State Notary and Loan Signing Agent, we will travel to any location in Southern California to notarize your documents. We specialize in all legal and real estate documents with the confidence of reliability and confidentiality. Customer service and the respect for privacy are a top priory.


Would you like to have an event for your staff or clients? Planning a professional event? Connect Mohr Legal Consultants has experience working on all kinds of events from 5 people to over 500. We will find the venue, negotiate with them, invite, follow up, plan the menu and make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible.

Looking for that perfect gift for you staff or clients? We will find what you are looking for.

and more…


Our goal is to help build your practice with our extensive knowledge of the legal industry.  From vendor management to marketing and client relations, we have you covered.  Connect Mohr Legal will work with you and your team to lower your costs and increase productivity. We understand time crunches you have and the need for quick responses from your partners. Do what you do best, practice law.  We will do the rest!

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